Challenge yourself and do something amazing in 2015?

If you raised funds for us last year – THANK YOU

We really valued everyones efforts and the funds that you raised helped us to contribute approximately £1 million towards every day costs of running Countess Mountbatten Hospice and all ‘over and above’ items that enhance the quality of life of our patients.

A great example that touched me from last year was when we were able to fund a private ambulance to take one of our patients to the Curdridge show, a beloved event that Derrick feared his terminal illness would prevent him from attending one last time.

Derrick had been attending the show for over 20 years and had won awards for his wine. It was an important part of his life and with thanks to your fundraising efforts we were able to grant Derricks wish and help him attend.

This year we want to be able to fund more moments like these for the people and family members that access Countess Mountbatten House.

Please click the link and fill out the short (2 min) survey and share it with your friends.

We would love it if you would consider raising funds for us again this year and perhaps you could have the experience of a life time whilst helping to grant others’ last wishes.

But for now we just want to find out what you might be interested in to help us provide challenges that interest you.

Thank you



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