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Chris has been a supporter of CMHC since his mother passed away in the Hospice last year. Thanks to Chris for sharing his story below and for all of the efforts he has gone to ‘putting something back’.

Thank you Chris.

“In late 2013 my previously healthy Mother was very unexpectedly diagnosed with terminal bowel & lung cancer.

After several months of chemotherapy and us caring for her at home, she was asked by her community nurse if she wanted to go into the Countess Mountbatten Hospice.

At first she was somewhat reluctant. Her view of ‘hospitals’ were that, whilst the doctors and nurses were very caring, they were too busy to have much time for the patient. My Mum was worried that she would spend her last days being slightly isolated and alone as opposed to being at home with us.

In the circumstances we arranged for Mum to visit the Hospice to meet with her nurse and the rest of the CMH team.

When she came back from her visit her mind was not only made up that she wanted to go into Hospice but that she wanted to go in that night!

As things transpired Mum was only in the Hospice for five days as by that time she arrived her condition had worsened. However, if she were here now I know that she would be singing the praises of the doctors, nurses, and volunteers. They all contributed to making her final days so comfortable, peaceful, dignified and even happy, or as happy as they could be in such circumstances.

On the day my Mum passed away I was driving home from CMH having spent the whole of the previous 24 hours by her bed and I happened to drive past Wyvern school in Fair Oak. As I drove past I noticed that the school had organised a 10k run and immediately I knew that I had to make the effort to run and get sponsored to do just a little bit to help repay all of the care and kindness that the Hospice had shown my Mum.

Not being one of life’s long(ish) distance runners (I only run to the bar), it is fair to say that my training for the event was best described as ‘sporadic’.

Indeed on the morning of the race and nursing a hangover, I arrived at Wyvern school to realise that I was in the company of some serious professional runners – something that helped me immediately sober up!

The race itself went as well as I think it could of for me. Hottest day of the year and hangover in mind I eventually finished in a credible 54 minutes.

Race drama aside though, there was no greater sense of satisfaction than knowing that in total I had raised £3,432.43, all of which went to such a wonderful and personal cause.

Since my 10k my wife has applied to volunteer at the CMH and in turn I have agreed to put myself through more ‘hell’ with another 10k this autumn in aid of the CMHC.

Words don’t do justice for what CMH did for my Mum, so any little bit I can do to ‘put something back’ is thoroughly worth all of the pain and whinging!”

Chris Byrant 3

Chris Byrant training for a run


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