New podcast on why dying matters

As part of its commitment to encourage people to be more at ease with death, dying and bereavement, Countess Mountbatten Hospice is supporting Dying Matters awareness week with a week-long daily podcast from Monday.

Each year, the national campaign challenges us to take charge of our futures and face up to death and bereavement.

In 2019, it’s themed on “are we ready?”

Nigel Hartley, Countess Mountbatten Hospice Chief Executive, said: “It’s a fact that 100 percent of people will die.

“Yet, so very few of us ever prepare for or even talk about death or dying.

“However, there is evidence that people who have the confidence to talk openly about death and dying often have a better experience when the time comes.

“Certainly, their friends and families are more prepared and can help ensure their loved ones’ wishes and preferences are met, as best as possible.”

To highlight this year’s awareness week, a series of short podcasts has been recorded featuring a thought for each day.

In each clip, Nigel shares some of his experiences of working for 30 years in the hospice sector and explains why it’s important people prepare for the end of life.

The topics covered in each podcast are:

  • What is a hospice and why we should challenge the community about the language we use to describe death and dying?
  • How families can support people who are dying and why isolation is often a factor at the end of life.
  • Why we need to talk about death and how planning ahead can mean there’s more time to talk about things that really matter when someone dies.
  • What dying in the UK is like today and how people are now dying over a period of years, rather than in days and months.
  • What the future of hospice care looks like and how our work in people’s homes continues to grow.
  • Can death ever be a good experience?
  • What is the best way to prepare for death and should there be a national requirement for everyone to have the conversation to prepare for the end of life?

The podcasts will be shared each day on Countess Mountbatten Hospice’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and will also be available at

Nigel Hartley on ‘what is a hospice?’
Nigel Hartley on ‘talking about dying and helping more people’

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Nicole Carpenter
Nicole Carpenter

Such a great thing to do!
Are there any plans to work with health professionals in the local hospitals, to extend their training, understanding and confidence in talking about dying and death? When these are lacking, the effect on patient and family can be very damaging and long lasting.
Many thanks.