Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Every donation you make to CMHC, could be worth more at no extra cost to you just by choosing to ‘Gift Aid’ it. HMRC will add an extra 25p to every £1 you give to CMHC as long as you are a UK tax payer.

How does Gift Aid work?

Quite simply, as soon as you give your permission to us by completing a Gift Aid declaration form, we can claim the tax back on your donation. This means that a £20 donation will be worth £25 and for every £50 gift, we will actually receive £62.50.

Do I qualify for Gift Aid?

If you are a UK tax payer, yes. Even if you are not employed, you are still eligible if you are paying tax on any of the following:

  • Personal or occupational pension
  • Stocks and shares
  • Bank and building society savings accounts
  • Rental income
  • Overseas and UK investment dividends

There are some exceptions when Gift Aid cannot be claimed:

  • When you’re donating someone else’s money (for example the proceeds of a raffle or sale or on behalf of a company)
  • If you are sponsoring a relative who is participating in a challenge event and they have not paid their own challenge event trip costs, gift aid cannot be claimed from a spouse, sibling, parent or grandchild or their spouse.

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